XV Encuentro Universitario de Danza

La Universidad de Lima abre su Auditorio Central para presentar el XV Encuentro Universitario de Danza con 2 fechas importantes:

Lunes 10 de Nov. - 8 pm
"Del Otro Lado"
Danza ULima

Martes 11 de Nov.- 7:30pm
Encuentro de universidades
Participan: San Marcos, Villarreal, Ricardo Palma, UNIFE y U. de Lima

El ingreso a ambas funciones es libre.


Sandra Lohan dijo…
Kind interesting how this group of dance in the University performs. I admit that I wanted to see their fabulous dance move they used to share to their spectators. Waiting to see them live performing on the US theater.
Good to know that the University of Lima Central Auditorium opens to present the Fifteenth Meeting of Dance University. I'm sure there will be many people who have a great talent in dancing will join to this meeting. I hope that the meeting will go on successfully :) .
This is my first time to comment here and i just want you to know that i never regret that i take time to visit here..THANK YOU for sharing!!